Rent to Own

Rent to Own Finance Option

Have you asked yourself any of these questions when applying for a loan:

  • Why won’t the bank approve my loan
  • My new start-up business will be successful
  • I have strong business in the pipeline or new contracts
  • My business is growing fast, but I don’t have financials
  • I don’t want to buy new equipment

The Rent to Own option is flexible and adaptable to your business and it has other unique benefits as well. An alternative to traditional options, such as Chattel Mortgage and Lease

Rent To Own is designed for small businesses requiring commercial equipment such as heavy earthmoving equipment finance, trailer finance and transportation finance

We assist businesses across Australia with more flexibility than many Brokers can offer, as we have a rent to own option. The Rent To Own provides a low risk, affordable and quick funding solution for equipment finance. The type of equipment you need and how to fund it is very important to your business

We can assist the entrepreneurs taking the big step of starting their own business, we fund the small guys and we help existing businesses to grow

In many businesses the ability to adapt, change, upgrade or sell equipment at any time, can give you the edge against your competitors. As a Business owners having the confidence of a fully flexible finance option allows you to take up the opportunities without the associated risk of long term contracts

Rent to Own provides flexibility, you are able to obtain ownership at any time, but while you’re renting you get all the benefits of a rental

Rent To Own Benefits

  • Simple Application Process – we look for ways to approve you
  • No deposit, No Bond – So no need to wait to save or use your working capital and savings
  • Tax Advantages – Rental Payments are 100% tax deducible – You’ll need to check with your accountant
  • You name your term – 12mths to 5 years
  • Renting is ‘Off Balance Sheet Funding” which doesn’t affect future borrowing capacity – always check with your Accountant to ensure this suits you
  • Minimal documentation
  • Can assist with older age vehicles
  • Private sales are OK

Growing your Business and possibly diversify your borrowings? Rental payments don’t affect your servicing capacity as they are an expense – not a commitment

How does this sound?

Here is How It Works

  • NAME YOUR OWN TERM – You select the term 12mths to 5 years
  • NO DEPOSIT & NO ESTABLISHMENT FEES – Flexibility is key – refinance and existing loan or buying new or used Vehicle or trailer. You choose the equipment, you select the payment terms. Our solutions are simple.
  • 100% FINANCE ON AMOUNTS UP TO $500,000 – Whether the equipment you want costs a little, or a lot, we can finance the complete amount, thereby freeing up your working capital to use where it’s most needed.
  • OPTION TO BUYOUT EARLY – Have the options to buy out before end of term, at the end of each anniversary. You can pay out at any time. You just pay the gross weekly rentals (plus the buyout amount) that fall due, up to the next anniversary date. To recap you can buy out the contract at any term of the loan!



To start all you’ll need to provide us

  • your ABN
  • two forms of ID (Driver’s licence and Medicare Card) – Take a photo and text to us
  • sign a Privacy form and 5 minutes on the phone to gather other info or complete Customer Profile.


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